First the meaning of soon
To me right now……..within fourteen days
Remember I had something to tell you; soon
Now is soon


We have a barn
Actually a pretty large barn
For two years now we´ve been doing paperworks and paying bills
Now, finally, it´s done and we are ready to do some real work

I dream of a shop (+ online shop)
That would be in the old hen house
Where I and other creative all-around-designers can sell our creations

In the cowshed
A room
An office
A place to create, invite, learn & enjoy
I hope you will join in

Why is always money the issue?


(I´m so sorry for not having any links to the photos above. Please let me know. Hope you will forgive me)

Think positively
So I found the Pippi Langstrømpe in me
This is what she would have said;
“This is all new to me, thats why I know I can do it”
Thanks Pippi!

I need your help
I tell you more


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