15 October 2012

….and the rest will follow

It feels like yesterday
this summer feeling

looking out
it´s grey and wet
with wonderful colors
dancing in the wind

– m e l a n c h o l i c –

oh well

– s m i l e –

here´s a small summary
on where I´ve been

• on the cover of magazine MAMMA. Makes me smile
• having a good time and working at the “Interior & Bolig fair” in Bergen. I´m coming back next year!
• you can get my DIY´s in magazine KK-living. Such a lovely magazine.
• babble.com recently announced “the top 50 design blogs for mom, 2012” and BY FRYD made 7. place!
• right now I´m working with Holly Becker soon teaching over at BYW Boot Camp. Looking forward to start!
• and for last, in February I will have a workshop at Meet The Blogger in Stockholm. Hope to see some of you there.

In between
I will finnish my studio in the barn
make a new magazine, 4. BY FRYD
have some fun
and hopefully
give you some sweet inspiration

Soon coming up,
update on the barn


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11 October 2012

traveling to Oslo
spending time alone
is sacred and emotional
at a time

time to listen to my own thoughts
feels good
leaving my loved ones
is just sad

do you ever feel that way?


first stop Grand Central Hotel
my second time staying at Grand Central

I simpley love this hotel
first time booked via Elle Decoration
this time, chosen by myself
so happy Grand Central wants to cooperate
I stay and tell
about the hotel

the hotel is a mix of old and modern
rooms with high ceiling and eclectic art by artist Ariel McMillion
with a view to the opera
good & fresh breakfast
magazines to read
just overall a good vibe


se you soon sweet Oslo

{ S M I L E }

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20 September 2012

my tray got a makeover
golden shiny

s m i l e

you need a tray
spray gold paint
gold paint + brush

1// cleen the tray
2// spray paint. I used a darker shade of gold.
3// let it dry
4// paint with a lighter shade of gold with a dry brush. That way the structure shows.

new tray and I´m happy

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19 September 2012

this summer I made patterns for
the sweet and fun magazine
filled with wonderful DIY and inspiration

one day
wallpaper for Mathea´s room
colors for my sweetheart

smile & xox

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17 September 2012

a new issue of
KK living
is out
and what an issue


I´m really proud to be a part of this
congratulations Mai
+ your team

easy DIY´s like this
from me
you will find

interior smiles & magazine joy

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