9 February 2013

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meet the blogger8

meet the blogger9
meet the blogger5

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meet the blogger4

Five magical days in Stockholm.
Filled with laughter, nerves , new friends, old friends, true friends.
Sharing apartment with the most wonderful girls; Heidi, Linda, Helle, Signe, Anniken, Melissa and Nina.
I feel so lucky.

Liselore and Mary Ellen who brought it all together. Thank you!
Listening to Will from Bright Bazar. Such an inspiration. Though his personality is what fills my heart with smiles.
The trio from Heart Home Magazine was so friendly and full of humor. LOVE that!

Visiting the wonderful shop Lotta Agaton and Svensk Tenn. Such a contrast, both amazing!

Finally meeting Gudy from Eclectic Trends. My new sweet friend.
Meeting people you feel you have known all your life. Though actually only spent a few hours together.
It´s soul food, Caroline and Toni.
You know, my list could go on and on and on….

happy smiles + love

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31 January 2013

2013-01-16 10.31.49yes I am
longing for
summer evenings

// sigh

Stockholm and Meet the Blogger
I´m having a workshop
I can feel
the butterflies

// smile

I´m really looking forward to meet
wonderful and inspiring people

// joy

wish me luck!

xox J.

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19 January 2013

my first sweet blog sponsor
so happy to have them on board

your wonderful words
making me realize
this is my work
not only me personal

// J O Y

I want to answer you
one by one
just be patient with me

// S M I L E

now showing you
some of my favorites from
I´m in love with the candle holders

xox J.

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10 January 2013

BYFRYD within
BYFRYD within3
BYFRYD within5
BYFRYD within4

I´m thanking
each one of you
for your support
for your warming words
from the deepest
of my heart


to my home

xox J.

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4 January 2013


Where do I start. How much should I reveal. Who am I. Where am I going.
So many questions. So many thoughts. This is me honestly.

I´v realised that the more publicity the blog and I get, the more I want to hide.
Maybe note hide is the right word, but more protect my self. It´s not a consciously decision, it´s more a insidious result. From just being me, Jeanette, with my own thoughts and ideas. Thoughts that is important for my way of living and what I believe in. To be a person who speaks, share my views, my beliefs and design. It sounds all so good, and in a way it is. My only problem is that I do not believe in right or wrong, I believe in the everlasting circle.

While writing this I see how hard it is to describe, but I hope you follow me.

I often find myself playing roles to fit in. Doing what I think others expect me to do. I think most of us do, now and then. Sometimes it is even necessary. But lately I´ve had the feeling of getting lost. That I let myself down, together with my inner belief. Like a rug being pulled under my feet. Not a good state of mind to be in. I´m used to show my strong side and have control, so telling you about my struggle is actually a bit hard. Even though I know it makes me more human.

The feeling; “I´m selling my soul” has come to my mind. Having sponsors on board together with the studio and advertisers on the blog. Why should that make it so different. Why should I not make money. Why do I feel guilty.

So I´m telling my self, I´m worth it
It´s work that I´m doing, hard work
My voice is powerful and I can do what I want!
It takes time to believe it

For a while I´ve been loosing my magic
But I´m on my way back
Giving myself the same advice as I gave my BYW students;
be you
be true
It´s the only way to be happy
to stand out

So, back to where I started
Where my heart is placed
Where I met my first readers
Where the joy and energy is put
Full of flaws and deficiencies
Being me

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