Meet Mr Plystre. A tiny person made by me with love. I even gave him a hat, he told me that he loves it. He is so sweet, different, but sweet. I like him.

But the other day he disappeared. He was gone, until I opened my small cabinet where I keep my matches. There he was, sad and lonely. Not trapped, just lonely.

He told me that he felt like he did not belong here, that he felt different and that he knew where to go. I told him that I would always love him and that he had to do what felt right for him. Poor thing.

So he told me, he was going to Gøteborg. To Camilla Engman. He never met her, but he loves her work and he had a feeling that her characters would understand him. I hope they do. He does not need much. If I know him right he will be happy just getting a place in a drawer.

So of he went the next morning. My Mr. Plystre. The sun was shining on his hat.