Thank you for all you wonderful curious comments!
So little bird, you won


No…I´m not pregnant

{ L A U G H I N G }

Here goes;
Remember I asked for your help?
This is somewhat about that

For you I´m designing an e-magazine
Free to download
Free to read at

From me to you
A magazine filled with inspiration
Filled with photos
Recipes & how-to-do
Patterns & ideas

In my head it looks lovely

I need your help to spread the word
I want the hole world to know!

My plan is to sell ads
With over 1000 readers every day I hope that someone would find it interesting

I plan the magazine to be done in the end of April
I´m so exited and can´t wait to show you!

More information to come

If you have any questions please mail me at

{ Only sky is the limit }