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{ L O V E }

Remember I told you there would be a giveaway?
Sweet Dundelina is giving away a shark dress.
I love their new line and one of you can be a lucky winner of this fantastic dress.
If you make a link or post about 1. by Fryd and let me know you are in.
That is also, of course, for those of you who already have.

Dundelina is a clothing label for girls 3-10 years (yeah… boys soon coming), based the stories of Dundelina. It is designed in Norway, and is the result of the cooperation between a writer (Roald Kaldestad) and a designer (Dundelina), who is interested in clothes as a tool for communication and play.

By providing alternative meanings to the clothes, Dundelina collections are meant to give children (and grown ups) the opportunity to explore their creativity. Their approach to children clothes is definately beyond the sweet rosa flower patterns. One must to look twice at their dresess to see if there is something more lurking around. Some of their items are more “design pieces” rather than simple clothes.

Wanna know more about the shark dress? Check their blog, there is a cool entry on how it came to life!