Who am I?
Me, of course. Nothing more, nothing less.
Most of the time quite happy with that.
But there are days….
I´ll take another time.

I just discovered that F R Y D + D E S I G N is nominated as one of Norways best interiorblogs by NIB.
That is such a BIG surprise and a sweet honor.
Though I´m not jumping up and down, believe me I´m really happy!!
(it´s just that I´m not very bouncy)
But I know how to smile from ear to ear.

To be recognized and seen for what I love is special.
I love to express my self creatively.
My way of living and interior are a big part of that.
Therefor this means a lot to me.
Not beacause I´m good with trends, beeing in or stylish, which I´m not.
This means a lot because I get knowledge for following my dreams and heart.
And believe me, that feels good.

Thank you.

Sweet & warm thoughts, Jeanette