We have started to renovate and this is how it looks like right now.
It is such a wonderful feeling.
Cleening out all trash and stuff that has not been used for years.
Only taking space and energy.
This is not exactly where my office is going to be, but the standard is more or less the same.
So yes, we do have a lot of work ahead of us.
Big smile.
But we are not afraid.
We have our dreams and goals.
And now that we have come so far, nothing can stop us.
The wonderful two last photos are what I cling to.
My dream.
Found via Pintrest.
I hope in one year I can show you something simular.
Oh joy!

Sometimes I feel like I wear my inside out
Only because I´m happy from here to the moon
Only because we dare
Only because we belive in something
Does that make people the right to be negative?
As if we are not vulnerable
As if we do not care
Not that we have any enemies
Just sometimes surprised how people chose to react
I wonder

We are so lucky and fortunate
We are two soulmates with the same dream
I won life and love

Wish you a sweet and wonderful Sunday

{ B I G S M I L E S }