inside my heart it is

I´m telling you why

  1. BY FRYD 3 is on it´s way. This time I have so many wonderful things to fill my pages with that it is a sweet dream to work with. At the same time I´m working with advertisement and sponsors and I´m really looking forward soon to introduce them. 
  2. In few days I´m walking the streets of London meeting wonderful people, snapping photos, having fun at Selina Lake´s launch party, just being me.
  3. In May I´ll be smiling in Berlin. At the Hive, Europe´s first blog conference, I will speak about “by FRYD” and e-magazines. How I do it and hopefully inspire others to make one too.
I must admit that “by FRYD” is my little baby right now
it´s on my mind day & night
makes me smile
makes me ponder
makes me worry
makes me happy
but most of all it makes me 
feel lucky 
to be able 
to do 
what I love 
photos above are from my latest article in the magazine MAMMA
my sweet darling Mathea
{ L O V E }