The magic started.
With butterflies in my stomach and an ice coffee in my hand I drove of to Oslo and my big day. 
It was such amazing hours, the morning mist was laying low over the fields as the sun rise 
over the mountains. It was like Mother Earth wished me good luck.

My first meeting.
On TV. In the studio at TV2 talking to the host Vaar Staude with the editor of ELLE décoration, 
Helle Tjaberg, by my side. Nothing to be nervous about, I realized. Smile.

ELLE décoration booked me in to the Comfort Hotel Grand Central. A brand new hotel downtown 
in Oslo with great design and the best breakfast ever. Helle and I was also given a tour by the 
hotel Manager Olav Langli telling us about the history of the old building. 
The photos are from the hotel site.

A small break at the ELLE office. Wonderful girls working hard making the best interior magazine.
Me checking e-mails and Facebook after my 3 minutes on TV. Smile.
Next stop was  Kråkvik & D’orazio studio, Norways best stylists. The place was packed with props. 
Photographer Siren Lauvdal was concentrating working while Jannicke fixed the styling, 
Alessandro was talking enthusiastically about design and interior and the whole setting was just lovely.
These people are so talented and good hearted and it was a big treat watch them work. 
Thank you!

I also met sweet Dagny at the studio, creative director at Fargerike. 
She handed me the award, a gift certificate worth 10 000 kr at Fargerike´s stores. 
Renovating the barn, this really helps. 
So here I was, sitting at Kråkvik & D’orazio studio, eating chocolate together with Dagny and Helle, 
while work and meetings were filling up my e-mail account and answering machine. 
Being on TV really helps.

Finally it was time for party. ELLE´s big summer party was held at the French Embassy and
was as posh as I expected. Celebrities and pretty pretty people.
I had such a GREAT time together with Helle and Dagny and I met some sweet good friends,
Ann Helen & Solveig from NIB, stylist Linda from Hviit and photographer Anniken Furunes.
The day was perfect and I could not asked for more.
(the party photos are taken by NIB)

At last I want to thank you Helle, the editor at ELLE decoration for opening so many doors.
Such a talented, warm and calm person I´m so glad I got to know.

{ T H A N K Y O U }