….and the rest will follow

It feels like yesterday
this summer feeling

looking out
it´s grey and wet
with wonderful colors
dancing in the wind

– m e l a n c h o l i c –

oh well

– s m i l e –

here´s a small summary
on where I´ve been

• on the cover of magazine MAMMA. Makes me smile
• having a good time and working at the “Interior & Bolig fair” in Bergen. I´m coming back next year!
• you can get my DIY´s in magazine KK-living. Such a lovely magazine.
• babble.com recently announced “the top 50 design blogs for mom, 2012” and BY FRYD made 7. place!
• right now I´m working with Holly Becker soon teaching over at BYW Boot Camp. Looking forward to start!
• and for last, in February I will have a workshop at Meet The Blogger in Stockholm. Hope to see some of you there.

In between
I will finnish my studio in the barn
make a new magazine, 4. BY FRYD
have some fun
and hopefully
give you some sweet inspiration

Soon coming up,
update on the barn