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Five magical days in Stockholm.
Filled with laughter, nerves , new friends, old friends, true friends.
Sharing apartment with the most wonderful girls; Heidi, Linda, Helle, Signe, Anniken, Melissa and Nina.
I feel so lucky.

Liselore and Mary Ellen who brought it all together. Thank you!
Listening to Will from Bright Bazar. Such an inspiration. Though his personality is what fills my heart with smiles.
The trio from Heart Home Magazine was so friendly and full of humor. LOVE that!

Visiting the wonderful shop Lotta Agaton and Svensk Tenn. Such a contrast, both amazing!

Finally meeting Gudy from Eclectic Trends. My new sweet friend.
Meeting people you feel you have known all your life. Though actually only spent a few hours together.
It´s soul food, Caroline and Toni.
You know, my list could go on and on and on….

happy smiles + love