Only without the cakes. I bought these wonderful cups early this summer from CupcakeSocial. I´m really looking forward to use them!

Well, so I´m back. Back to the ordinary days, but I like that. I like my ordinary life.

Mathea has left kindergarden and is starting school in a few days, she´s growing so fast. The other day she came so exited, she just discovered that one of her teeth was loos. I almost started to cry because it reminded me of how big she getting. 

This summer has been so nice and lazy. Trips to the cabin, summerparks and Oslo. Sweet visits from friends and family. Swimming in the lake. And redecorating the house. We bought a new sofa (comming in 8 weeks), so we had to redecorate the whole house….he he he…that is so typical me. Well, it´s mostley the same old stuff, but put together in a new way. Love that! I´ll show you when it´s all done.

Oh…and I had an wanted-ad in the paper. I´ll show you my finds later. I recomend it, it´s a lot of fun and you meet the nicest people.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and visits on my summer-slow blog! You are all so nice :) Love Jeanette