I LOVE this shop, FinnishDesignShop! I can spend hours just browsing. Looking at nice (and sometimes way to expensive) items, reading about the designers and now and then actually do some shopping. But I guess you wonder why “lucky me”. I belive in destiny, and it has happen to me again. But this time with two chairs (last time was my husband:)). I was browsing the shop when I came across the chair Mademoiselle. And I fell in love! I´ve seen simular chairs, but this one was mine!! 

After some more looking I went to another favorite site finn.no, a marketplace online. I searched for chairs and in the first ad two old chairs looking like Mademoiselle turned up (really cheap). I did´nt mind if it was not the real Mademoiselle chair, I was so happy that my heart raced and I bought them in a second. 

The lady who sold them lives far away from me, but my sister-in-law parents lives nearby and were so sweet to pick them up for me. Thank you!! 

Two days ago I finally got one of the chairs home, and guess what? They are original with the stamp and label underneath. So now you see why I´m so lucky and so so happy….tralalalala :)

I´ll show you a picture soon, but right now I have to do some cleaning after Matheas birthdayparties. Thank you for all the greetings!