I´m honored and proud. Two things.


The other day the editor from boligliv.dk (my favorite magazine) asked if she could use some of my photos.
She was making a list of Norwegian blogs.
I´m in good company with Kardemomme, Fru Fly, Borghildpia, Minas Paradis and Marie in Wonderland.
Thank you!!


On monday I had a visit from Dagbladet Søndag.
They are making story about homemade Christmas. Such a nice visit.
I can´t wait to read and to see the pictures.
Alma was all over the place and I don´t think I was able to speak one whole sentence before;
…nooo Alma, oops Alma…oh…poor you little sweetheart.
I wonder if we can have a Christmas-tree this year?
I´m laughing.

xx Jeanette