Though we just started to renovate the barn
and still have a long way to go
I can not help
to start planning the details
Simpley because I love doing it

– s m i l e –

I guess many of you are like me
It´s so much fun! Right?!

– y e a y h –

So right no I love
i x x i 
Theire office is amazing
Probably you have seen these before
But a beautiful thing
can not be shown
to often

I know for sure that I will have this in my new office

I wish I could invite you all to our opening night
give you the atmosphere
show you the beauty
make you feel the joy

this is not to happen in about a year
but you see
I´ve also started to plan this

– b i g s m i l e – 

Maybe I´m a bit
thats ok
I like that

Wish you a happy & odd weekend!